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693ha Top Besproeiing / Saai / Bees Plaas aan die Vaalrivier dist Sasolburg / Parys

Date: Tue. 28 Sept 2021 at 11:00

Auction Date: Tue. 28 Sept 2021 at 11:00

Location: Parys | Sasolburg


‘n Droom Besproeiings / Saai / Bees Plaas met 5 Spilpunte en 1.4km Rivierfront aan die Vaalrivier!  Geleë in die Barrage opvangarea in die Vrystaat kant 7km vanaf die wal.  Baie betroubare water!  890 000m³ Waterregte per jaar.

The farm is adjacent to the Boschenvaal development & Cloudy Creek.  A well established cattle farm with a complete homestead. The farm is 80% enclosed in game fencing, 140ha of non irrigated grain fields are enclosed with standard farm fencing.  Very safe.  130ha Zimmatic Pivots, 390ha natural grazing and 170 high potential dry lands.  All the camps are equipped with water.


  • 3x 5 Toring Zimmatic spilpunte (3 jaar oud)
  • 1x 4 Toring Zimmatic spilpunt (4 jaar oud)
  • 1x 5 Toring Zimmatic spilpunt (4 jaar oud)

Die spilpunte is beheerbaar met Zimmatic Fieldnet App.

Die moederlyn na die boonste lande kan uitgebrei word na ekstra 3x 20ha spilpunte.

Pumps in the Pump House:

  • 1x 15kVA KSB pump
  • 1x 30kVA KSP pump
  • 2x 90kVA pump
  • 2x VSDs for 90kVA pumps

There are livestock handling facilities with distribution pens. 17 holding camps of 1ha – 2ha in size are all equipped with water troughs and feeding troughs. Corridors were stretched everywhere between the camps for comfortable livestock handling. All grazing camps and fields are equipped with water troughs (all connected to each other). All the camps and holding camps are strung with 11 lines of double-barreled wire. There are 6 grazing camps. All the camps and entrances on the farm are equipped with sturdy steel gates.

3 Boorgate is nie toegerus nie, 2 Boorgate wat toegerus is met dompelpompe & 1 Gronddam.  Sentrale reservoir wat alle krippe en damme op die plaas van water voed vanuit die boorgate of die Vaalrivier.

Spacious farmhouse with an enclosed shed / workshop and 2 canopies for tractors & implements.  9 Workers’ residences and 1 ablution facility.

Power points:

  • 1x 500kVA power point at River for pumps
  • 1x 60kVA power point at Homestead
  • 1x 30kVA power point at Workers’ residences
  • 1x 25kVA power point at Holdingcamps


a) 15km from Sasolburg on the R59 to Parys.

b) 35km from Parys on the R59 to Sasolburg.

GPS: 26°48’20.2″S 27°43’56.3″E


5% Deposit plus 3.5% Buyers Commission + VAT and Guarantees within 60 days.


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