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About Clive Gardner Auctioneers

Clive Gardner Auctioneers with more than 30 years of experience

Clive Gardner Auctioneers was formed in 1998 out of the top structure of Karoo-Osche Studstock who operated nationwide in South Africa.

Experts and Specialist in the Auction Industry, we walk the extra mile for our customers. Our commitment to exceptional-client service drives our everyday business decisions and maintain the highest standards. The people are experts at what they do working tirelessly to do it better than anyone else.

Professional services range from marketing the property, animals and goods, making it presentable for sale, advertising on a very high level, to the actual auction anywhere in South Africa. Our proven track record includes a wide range of auctions successfully executed with a big data base and our well known website www.plase.co.za

We are accredited and fully compliant with the legal obligations as stipulated by the SA Institute for Auctioneers and the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

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Specialized Services Nation Wide

Auctioneers with a vision

We go the extra mile

Home of professional auctioneers

We offer the following specialised services in selling:





We got the whole infrastructure to do any auction anywhere in South Africa on your farm property.

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The company “Karoo-Ochse” as it is known today saw its humble beginnings in Port Elizabeth during 1943 under the trading name of “Karoo Vleisbeurs”. The name was changed to “Karoo Lewende Hawe” In 1968 and finally with the take over of messrs W.L. Ochse during 1985 it was once again re-named to carry the Karoo-Ochse banner for which the company is so well known throughout South Africa.

In 1996 Karoo-Osche saw major changes taking place with then ownership’s decision to sell off the different branches, each as an independent going concern. Each member of management was given the option of exercising his right to purchase his branch and traded under Karoo-Osche.

The Studstock team bought Karoo-Osche Studstock and operate under that banner. After two years some of these specialists formed Clive Gardner Auctioneers and that was the start of Clive Gardner Auctioneers in 1998, who do auctions all over South Africa.





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